Operational Services

Management Consulting Services

BKV Solutions is a management consulting firm that can fill in the “operational gaps” in your business or nonprofit organization. Our approach assures that you receive the assistance you need, when you need it and in the format you need. Whether it’s management consulting, financial turnaround, strategic planning, marketing consulting, executive coaching, project management, or another one of our offerings, our approach to helping you will typically fall into 1 or more of 3 paths:

  • Creating an appropriate strategy and action plan to meet the identified needs of the organization
  • Working collaboratively with you to analyze one or more components of your organization, from marketing to HR to operations and suggest ways to enhance each component to meet organizational goals
  • Providing needed services directly on a temporary basis. Whether your need is in finance, operations, marketing, or HR, we have the experts that can fill those needs.

We’ll help you formalize and execute the plans that you want to put in place so that you can be a more effective organization.

For each engagement, we assemble a customized team that has the experience and expertise that your situation calls for. Our solutions are not a “one size fits all”. Our work is completely customized to meet your specific needs. It might be a short term or long term project. Either way, we’ll evaluate, vet, and install the people that can improve nearly every aspect of your organization.